Monday, July 30, 2012

What Mexico is Really Like- Puebla Mexico anyways

Common things people may not know about Mexico? (And some tips )

  1. In Cholula, Mexico it has seriously rained almost everyday since I got here 5 weeks ago. (normally you think of Mexico as arid and full of cactus) - in this part of Mexico FALSE
  2. With the summers in Cholula it can be quite chilly
  3. Cholula and Puebla are very nice cities and peaceful, except for the fireworks
  4. There are ALOT of fireworks, every day they are going off ( it basically means anyone that can hear or see the fireworks are welcome to their party) 
  5. Mexicans literally party every day of the week, except Sundays (well most of the time)
  6. Only weekend buying and selling alcohol is prohibited is during the Presidential Elections 
  7. Yes they have a drinking age... 18
  8. You don't flush the toilet paper after it is used, they don't have a good sewage system, just throw it in the trash can
  9. Don't bother buying stuff at Walmart, try to go to the local markets - it will be a lot cheaper 
  10. Barter with prices on stuff you want to buy, especially if your at a big tourist area you can bring down the price on some really expensive items. (some people will actually refuse to sell to you if you simply accept the first price they set)
  11. There is ALOT of PDA 
  12. When greeting a person you kiss the side of their cheek (though if both are guys a good bro hand shake works) 
  13. Most people are very polite and it is very common to use the Usted of you 
  14. If you are a blond girl, you WILL stand out. (and will probably get a few whistles from passing cars) 
  15. If your a new visitor Seriously, don't eat street vendors food that requires cooked food or ice. (It's not pretty either way it comes out) - i.e. food poisoning or Montezuma's Revenge 
  16. DON'T drink the water unless it is bottled 
  17. Check to see how hot/spicy your food is before you add the salsa (also check the salsa)
  18. You can use a tortilla as a spoon
  19. Shorts and tank tops are used though usually not as a combination 
  20. Girls wear extremely tall heels when they go out (main form is platformish with spikes for heels... hurts to get stepped on so wear protection ;)
  21. People are a lot shorter here so 5'3 blends in a bit better :D yay me!
  22. American Football is the new thing for colleges 
To be continued :)


  1. So we've finally managed to corrupt another country with un-fĂștbol?

  2. Love It! I live here in Cholula as well. I have been here a year this month. All the things you say are true. When i got here i thought i was going to burn up and to my surprise i have worn jeans jackets and sweaters every single day! The fire works get on my nerves sometimes but hey they are happy i am happy:)

    1. I just moved to Puebla, glad to hear more people to talk. Thanks for the tips. What to do, where to go to hang. Thanks

    2. I live in Puebla too, I've been here a year and a few months, if you read french, follow me :

  3. don't eat street vendors food that requires cooked food?? Sorry, absolutely disagree. I have eaten street food across Mexico without problems. The places to watch for are tourist places that the Mexicans avoid. Avoiding street food means avoiding some of the best food in the country